Why pen drive showing less space?

My pen drive has much memory space but it is showing very less. Please let me know why and how to recover that pen drive space.

Pen drive is showing less space! this problem has been faced by many people. This problem arise because of some reasons like:

1- Removal of pen drive suddenly while it is being used.
2- Interrupt the process of pen drive formatting.
3- Installing bootable operating system, it will change the partition system of your pen drive.
4- Sometime it happens because of computer virus.

Users think thay have lost thier data and throw it. But let me tell that you can get your previous memory space of your pen drive by following the below process:

Some of the users try disk management but that does not allow you to delete or format your pen drive to get complete memory space. So, you can use Diskpart tool to get your memory space.

1- Connect your pen drive to your computer
2- Search Command prompt and open it as administrator by right click and choose open as administrator.
3- Type "diskpart" hit enter.
4- Type "list disk". It will show you all disks of your computer including pen drive as disk.
5- Type "select disk 3" hit enter. 3 is variable you should type your disk which you want to clean. 

Take very much care before entering the disk number else you will loss all of the data of that disk.

6- Type "clean" hit enter.

7- Type "create partition primary" enter. 

This way you will get all of your pen drive space. This is not limited to pen drive, you can apply same process on your hard disks of the computer. For graphical reference you can see below images:







Hope you will find it help full.