Latest Interview Questions and Answers of PHP, jQuery, MySql and HTML/CSS?

Please find below the Latest interview questions and answers:

1- What is event capturing and bubbling?
2- What does Bind and Call function do?
3- What is the difference between $(document).ready and $(window).load, and which one loads faster?
4- What is Closures in js?
5- What does Cache argument do in ajax?

1- What is Primary key and Candidate key with difference?
2- How to optimize the query in MySql ( Like Explain )
3- What is indexing and what is drawback of using it and How does it work internally?
4- What is Procedure and custom functions with some examples.
5- What is MyIsam and InnoDB and what is the difference and which one is faster?

1- What new features introduced in PHP7 and why it is faster?
2- What is Traits?
3- What is Abstract class and explain with an example?
4- What is Final keyword, exaplin?
5- What is Static keyword, explain?
6- Difference between Trait and Abstract class?

Html and CSS:
1- What is Sudo classes?
2- What is parallex?
3- What are Display properties and difference between inline-block and block?
4- What are position properties and difference between inherit, relative and absolute?