How to setup a cs cart website on local machine?

Please guide me to setup an already running cs cart website on local machine.

It is a very simple step to setup it on local machine. You just need to backup complete website from cpanel with database and extact the zip file on your localhost root (WWW) folder. Now find the file name config.local.php on root of your extracted zip folder. Open up the file in any editor and find the line of code where you can see database name, user and host as below:

// Database connection options

$config['db_host'] = '%DB_HOST%';
$config['db_name'] = '%DB_NAME%';
$config['db_user'] = '%DB_USER%';
$config['db_password'] = '%DB_PASSWORD%';

$config['http_host'] = '%HTTP_HOST%';
$config['http_path'] = '%HOST_DIR%';

$config['https_host'] = '%HTTPS_HOST%';
$config['https_path'] = '%HOST_DIR%';


Now you have setup the local database and url for your local machine. Except these settings you also need to update in database if your already running website is on https. Please find the below screenshot in which I have display those values that need to update.


Here you can see the table name "settings_objects" and find secure_storefront and secure_admin, you just need to put "N" in both the fields. Now your local website is ready to use and start doing maintenance.