How React Js is different from Angular and node or what is advantage of using one of them?

Please explain.

Both React Js and Angular Js are front end development frameworks which work on opposite approaches and saying one is better than other directly would not be correct, it can only be understand by some key features because choosing either of them is completely depends on project behavior and requirement. Below are some key features:


React Js Angular Js
React Js is developed by Facebook community Angular Js is developed by Google
React works on open source js library Angular works on fully-featured MVC framework
React uses JSX language Angular uses TypeScript
Redux has augmented it to give unidirectional data flow and work with immutable data It uses data binding feature by default to manage states
It works on Virtual DOM  It works on Regular DOM


Beside the above two front end frameworks, Node Js is a server side JavaScript framework which is very popular these days among companies due to its un matchable performance in speed with non blocking feature. It works same like other server side framework but it uses a particular port to be accessed. I will define it in a separate article to cover all its feature including different aspects.