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How to make a div sticky?

Sometime we need a div in sidebar to float within header and footer, in this requirement you can write your own code and in jQuery or JavaScript but if you wish to use any third party library then I would suggest you to use the below one which is really very easy and light weight to use. You can just need to include the library and put a snippet of code where you want that floating feature and you... (more)

What is Cryptography?

Cryptography is a term used where we keep information secure using some encoding mechanism and getting it decoded where it is supposed to be. For example, we transmit information from one place to another and want to keep it secure and safe from unauthorized access and getting it safely at receiving end, so some encryption are applied using a secret key before sending and get it decoded using the ... (more)

How to know about different type of Land Measurement?

There are several type of land measurements in the world. Like Katha is used used in Bangladesh, India and Nepal. In India, generally it is used in Bihar, West Bengal and Kolkata. Except Katha there are a lot other local measurements used in different areas of India. Bigha, Acre are those terms which are generally used in local measurement among people. If you want to know more about different t... (more)

Why pen drive showing less space?

Pen drive is showing less space! this problem has been faced by many people. This problem arise because of some reasons like: 1- Removal of pen drive suddenly while it is being used. 2- Interrupt the process of pen drive formatting. 3- Installing bootable operating system, it will change the partition system of your pen drive. 4- Sometime it happens because of computer virus. Users think thay ha... (more)

How to encrypt and decrypt information?

We work on multiple type of data and apply manipulation on them but sometime we work on critical information that needs to be highly secure. At that moment cryptography come in picture and apply encryption on data. You can use below line of code and class to get this feature: include 'AES.php's; $inputText = "My text to encrypt"; $inputKey = "My text to encrypt"; $blockSize = 256; $a... (more)

Why do I get "No root file system is defined" when I try to install Ubuntu in a partition?

If you are getting the above alert message while installing Ubuntu on a partition, you should follow bellow steps to proceed: 1- Choose the "Ext4 journaling file system" from dropdown. 2- Choose "/" mount point from dropdown. and click ok button. Now it will start installing Ubuntu on that partition. Please refer the below image for your better understanding.    ... (more)

Screen rotation issue in Ubuntu 18.04?

To get the normal screen use below command and run in terminal:

$ xrandr -o normal

Try the below command to remove:

$ sudo apt-get remove iio-sensor-proxy


You will get the problem resolved.

How to start with Django?

Django is a high-level Python web development framework which helps you to faster and clean development. It is developed by experienced developers, it takes care of much about hassle/irritation of web development, so you can focus on writing your app without taking care of much about reinventing the wheel. It is free and open source. 1- Django has been designed to help developers to quickly deve... (more)

Show some first N elements with more/less functionality in jQuery?

It is very common requirement when you want to show some elements with more text in jQuery. So you can get that functionality by using below  line of code very easily. You just need to make your html list items in ul and li formats with those classes mentioned in below code. If everything is setup properly your code will run exactly as expected. $('ul.topic-list').each(function(){   va... (more)

How to create a new react app?

You can create a new react js app using below commands: npx create-react-app my-app  (This command downloads all required modules/packages to work on react) cd my-app  npm start ( This command starts the react app ). If browser doesn't open automatically, you need to hit the URL http://localhost:3000/ to see your app. If your app has been developed and ready to be live on produc... (more)

Npm start and getting "Unable to connect" error in react?

If you have installed react, node npm and setup other required stuffs however getting error of "Unable to connect" in browser when you run the command "npm start".  Browser opens with the URL "http://localhost:3000/" and shows "Unable to connect" then you can resolve this problem by running below commands in terminal (I'm using Ubuntu 16.04): sudo sysctl -w fs.inotify.max_user_instances=102... (more)

How to disable previous dates in datepicker jquery calendar?

You can disable the previous dates in datepicker of jquery calendar following the below line of codes: $('#date').datepicker({             changeMonth: true,             duration: 'fast',             changeYear: true,             numberOfMonths: 1,             selectOtherMonths: true,             showOtherMonths: true... (more)

PHP Program to check prime number?

Please get the below PHP code that will check number is prime or not: $n = "11411"; $len = strlen($n); $f=0; for($i=0,$j=$len-1;$i... (more)

PHP program to generate a fibonacci series?

Below PHP code that will generate the Fibonacci series.

Series:  01123581321


echo $a=0;

echo $b=1;


while($c < 21)


 echo $c = $a+$b;




How to write a program in PHP to generate a star triangle pattern?

  Please get the below PHP code to generate the above star symbol.   for($r=1;$r... (more)

PHP code to create diamond symbol?

If you want to write PHP code to get above diamond symbol you can use below code:   for($i=0;$i=$i;$k--)   {       echo "  ";     }     for($j=1;$j=1;$i--) {     for($k=5;$k>=$i;$k--)   {       echo "   ";     }     for($j=1;$j... (more)

How to display HTML code on browser without executing it?

logo If you want to print PHP or HTML codes with script or any other tags to define/state your point, you can do using following way and it works properly and perfectly. Many colleagues get stuck while developing an application where such requirement comes they use this technique to get their work done. You need to wrap your code within <xmp> Your code lies here </xmp>. Refer to below e... (more)

Can't load URL: The domain of this URL isn't included in app's domains?

If you are facing an error of domain URL is not included in App's domain as shown below image, you just need to put put "Valid OAuth redirect URIs" and try to put a secure URL which uses https protocol using SSL because Facebook has updated his policy and require an https URL for this purpose.   Make sure options are chosen as displayed in below image.   And now put the ... (more)

How to fill address field on moving map and vice versa?

Please find below line of codes to solve your problem of getting address field populated with address by moving map and also if fill any address in address field it should reflect on map. You will get same functionality as displayed in screenshot.     Now in below image all of your required code are given for your reference.   ... (more)

How to get address details from an IP address in PHP?

First of all I would like to share with you guys that getting address details from an IP address is not much reliable because it does not give one's correct address. If you require exact address of a user, get latitude, longitude and fetch address from it instead of IP. Please follow below PHP code to get address detail from IP address: //$ip = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']; //Ig gives you... (more)

How to install and uninstall skype on Linux Ubuntu 16.04?

First let us see how to install Skype on Linux Ubuntu 16.04. Please follow below steps to run command in terminal: 1- Go to Skype download  and download ".deb" file choosing from dropdown. 2- Run the command in home directory: ~$  sudo dpkg -i /home/atif/Downloads/skypeforlinux-64.deb   OR sudo dpkg -i ~/Downloads/skypeforlinux-64.deb  If you find an... (more)

Why Python is so popular to do programming in Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Saying Python is popular in machine learning and artificial intelligence would not be wrong because Python has a lot of inbuilt libraries which deals with AI and ML. Many libraries are for high level nervous system. scikit-learn for data mining/warehousing, data examination and machine learning. pylearn2 is more suitable than scikit. There are a lot of libraries which is not possible to define her... (more)

How React Js is different from Angular and node or what is advantage of using one of them?

Both React Js and Angular Js are front end development frameworks which work on opposite approaches and saying one is better than other directly would not be correct, it can only be understand by some key features because choosing either of them is completely depends on project behavior and requirement. Below are some key features:     Beside the above two front end frameworks, Node Js is a... (more)

Why people don't prefer to go in walkins?

In walkins companies welcome a bulk of candidates to attend and take interviews. In such cases interviewer don't give proper time to listen and understand answers given by candidate. Also, they don't give options more as they are in hurry to attend all candidates soon. So, they just fire questions one by one frequently and expect answers same way. Unfortunately, a candidate having knowled... (more)

What is PHP?

PHP is one of the famous programming language, specially used for website development. Like other programming languages it also has all oops features and properties. Multiple inheritance is not possible in this language but there is alternative way introduced to achieve the same that is traits. Trait is a mechanism to get reusability of codes in php web application. Interfaces are traits which ca... (more)

What is the use of Watchman while working on React?

React Native uses watchman to detect changes made by you while writing react script and it automatically reflect on browser without refreshing it. It is also helpful to remove error when you face while working on react like when you start react and it does not work on browser with the URL http://localhost:3000 and says site can't be reached then by installing Watchman you can resolve the is... (more)

How to install Watchman in Ubuntu 16.04?

Follow below steps to install watchman in Ubuntu 16.04 1- Go to home directory: $ cd ~ 2- Clone using below command: $ git clone 3- Get into watchman directory: $ cd watchman/ 4- Now use this command: $ git checkout v4.7.0 5- Run the commands: $ sudo apt-get install -y autoconf automake build-essential python-dev $ ./  $ ./c... (more)

How to create a simple addon in CS CART?

There are two main folders in cs cart app and design. All php files reside in app folder including xml which is used to create an addon in cs cart. Refer to below steps to create a simple addon in cs cart: First create a folder "first_addon" for your addon inside app folder and then create a file addon.xml file inside this folder and write some basic statements like addon name, version, priority ... (more)

What is computer?

As everybody know that computer is an electronic device. It is used used for multiple purposes like account management, graphical representation, programming websites or applications and many more. It is not limited anymore even these days very high performance computers have been introduced which are used in realtime like airoplane, health checkups to generate reports etc. It is comprised of so... (more)

What is cs cart?

Cs Cart is a complete package for online ecommerce websites. It is available for single vendor, multiple vendors and multiple stores as well. Cs cart is not available free of cost. If you want to use cs cart for your online shopping cart, you need to purchase it's license. As there are multiple packages, it costs respectively based on the chosen package. To see demo of cs cart features and al... (more)

What is selenium?

Selenium is an automation tool to automate the testing process to save time and expense. This tool can be learnt taking help of internet, studying the shared examples and watching videos from YouTube or any other resource. Now a days this is very demanded among companies and IT professionals. You can make your career in this domain and earn a handsome package after few years of experien... (more)